Thursday, 16 February 2012

Granny Square Love

A little while ago our family moved to a small town on the Darling Downs and I suffered extreme homesickness for the friends and community I had left behind. I also didn't find my new town very friendly. Oh well, give it some time I thought. Fast forward 9 months and I went to visit the local drapery where the local craft group meet. I had shopped there on numerous occasions.
Me: Hello, I'd really like to join your quilting group.
Lady: No we're closed.
Me: Urm, the shop is closed?
Lady: No our group is closed, we have enough members.
I make it to my car before I start crying.

Oh well, not the end of the world: but *ouch* that stung a little.
A week later I took Little Bear to his special class in Warwick, a much larger country town half an hour away. To occupy myself whilst waiting for Bear's class to finish I decided to visit a beautiful quilt shop on the main street. My browsing was interrupted by a pleasant, obligatory; 
"Can I help you with anything?"

Me: No thanks, I'm just looking. [pause] Actually I'd really like to find someone who could give me a crochet lesson.
Lady: [pauses, looks at me for 2 seconds & then] Come with me.

I follow her into the room behind the shop where other women are busily crafting away. I am warmly introduced, given a lovely crochet lesson and included in conversation. I don't just leave with a gorgeous red & turquoise granny square. I walk away feeling like I have been wrapped in a warm blanket, I feel loved.
I make it to my car before I start crying.

Y Cate


  1. Oh, what a shame you had to experience that first rejection, but without it you may not have found that second group of women.

    Best of luck with the crochet. I found it to be more than a little addictive. :)

    1. Thanks Christina it was a lovely ending for me! I am in the grips of crochet addiction right now.....and knitting addiction and jewellery making addiction.

  2. I love your story. And I am love crochet too! I taught myself from Pip's videos over at Meet me at Mikes. They are great to watch if you need any more help.

  3. I can tell you love crochet - your work is gorgeous! (I popped over to your blog and saw your amazing blankets.) Thanks for the tip about the tutorials. Cate

  4. I'm so glad you found the second group! Sounds like small towns can be the same...all over the world. Good luck with the crocheting!!!

  5. What a reminder to those of us who run women's groups, craft groups, mother's groups, etc. You just never know how much it will mean to someone to open your doors and your heart to them. I'm so glad you had the courage to try again... those ladies are lucky to have you.

  6. Small country towns can be so odd. I've moved back to the country after being in the city for 20 plus years. There can be times that I just want to scream "there is more to the world that just this town". Hope you have been back to the craft group and are really enjoying it.

  7. Love this, there is something so comforting and nostalgic about the granny square.