Monday, 20 February 2012

Valium Monday

Down in the national news section, there's an article on a new pill, the 'Valium' they're calling it, 'to help women cope with everyday challenges.' God, I could use about ten of those little pills right now. ― Kathryn StockettThe Help
I have just finished reading The Help and loved it. You can find many great book reviews for it both negative and positive: but I found it moving and inspiring and I'm calling it the "To Kill a Mockingbird" of our times. Big call.
Monday's not my favourite day - I know, hardly original - but no Valium for me today. I engaged in some beauty therapy instead. I met with some beautiful friends and created something beautiful. Will post a picture tomorrow. 
My dog looks like he's having a Valium Monday! He's our totally loopy, adorable, chocolate Field Spaniel called Fox.

Y Cate

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