Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Not My Real Friends

I have been hanging out with the wrong friends for far too long.
They were lots of fun at first. They offered comfort, diversion and delicious companionship. But they weren't my real friends...

I started following The Dukan Diet on the 1st of February. I have lived without wheat and flour and sugar and alcohol in my life for 29 days. If you'd told me that I was going to do this in January, I would have said: "IMPOSSIBLE!" But there you go. I have done it and survived.

Can you see that little number on my scale? 5kg (11 pounds)
That's how much I had lost a week ago.

I have missed some of my old friends but I have been really enjoying myself without them too. 
And now, day 29, I have lost 6.2kg (13.6 pounds). 

21.8kg (48 pounds to go)  Woohoo me!

Y Cate