Thursday, 23 February 2012

A little Turkish romance....

A thousand years ago [feels like it] a boy liked a girl - a dewy faced, idealistic girl of twenty five [me]. In an attempt to seduce her with his coolness he drove her 1000km to his home town which abounded in many multicultural delights to which she was unaccustomed. They dined in a Turkish restaurant and sipped Salep - an enchanting sweet milky concoction made from powdered mountain orchid and cinnamon. He succeeded: she was in love.

So I did marry that very cool guy sometime after that and thirteen years later I'm still in love: with him and with all things Turkish!

I have just finished knitting a necklace-scarf using a gorgeous pink Turkish yarn. It is a soft wool with brilliant jewel colours throughout. I edged it in a crocheted picot trim of kitchen string.

I finished my little Turkish scarf off with an oval shaped polished ruby and some kitchen string scallops. I do like the contrast of the luxurious wool and ruby and the simple, almost raw, material of the string. Some Turkish love to keep my heart cosy.

Y Cate


  1. OH that yarn is so pretty what ever it is! Beautiful! Love your work. It is really cool! Love that he swept you off your feet like that! Lovely little story!

    1. Thanks Mandy! It's Patons London 8 ply yarn, wool acrylic mix made in Turkey.

  2. Lovely story! :)
    The yarn looks soft and warm. The scarf must be very cozy :)

  3. Both the scarf and the story are beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.