Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Beautiful dreamer

Asperger’s was first recognised in late 1930’s in Vienna, by paediatrician Hans Asperger. He noticed similarities in a number children with developmental challenges and documented these. 

Now this could be another boring story of another expert on a leather couch, but Hans was living in challenging times- in late 1930’s Vienna was just about to be overtaken by the German Nazi’s. Hans knew that if he called this pattern of behaviour a disability then these children would be killed by the Nazis. So he identified the challenges of the children, but also documented these children’s stunning abilities, particularly with numbers and codes. He identified that these children would make great code breakers and the Nazis did in fact use these children to assist them in code breaking (as did England at the time).

It’s an amazing and inspiring story, one that made me cry for all the children who weren’t seen for their strengths, and then cry some more tears of joy for all the children with Asperger’s who were seen for their strengths. 

It made me think: What strength would you see in your children if their life depended on it? Do you:                           

See the Strength in your Jedi,
the Speed in your McQueen, 
the Beautiful Dreamer in your Belle 
and the Enthusiasm in your Tigger?

So go enjoy a Vienna Coffee and listen to this amazing ABC interview with Tony Attwood where he discusses the above story and other wonderful positives about kids.

Holly Treechange

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