Friday, 22 June 2012

flower for the library princess

I psyched myself up for work today...
A cup of fluffy coffee (you may call it cappuccino) with my school-Mummy friends before heading off helped.

You may or may not know I work in libraries.
I may or may not personally relate to this quote:

"But you want murderous feelings? Hang around librarians," confided Gamache. "All that silence. Gives them ideas.” 
Louise Penny, A Rule Against Murder

I was saved from my work-induced-funk by a miniature prince. A little boy came up to me in the Picture Book section and held out a bruised camellia that he'd been cuddling with both hands. Precious, precious, precious.
He'd picked it just for me Y.

So today I turned into the library princess under the spell of a kind hearted boy. Or to use Holly's terminology: He facilitated my beautiful paradigm shift. 


coffee bean heart
bruised camellia 

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