Thursday, 14 June 2012

love potion

It's nearly a year since we've moved into a lovely home. New house, a new community, new school, new jobs: and still I don't have the 'at home' feeling.

I haven't planted anything yet. Mr Blossom faithfully mows the weeds lawn but we have no gardens. Have I mentioned we live somewhere referred to as the Garden City of Queensland? Hmm, well I thought buying a plant might help us fit in and speed up the belonging feeling.

Hence the beautiful rose sitting on my back deck waiting to be planted. She's called Love Potion and I have acquired her as much for her divine scent as her glorious mauvey-pinkness.

This little jug stuffed with daisies is my other acquisition. The view in the background is from our deck. The large tree is a Ghost Gum and is home to a pair of beautiful parrots. We watch wallabies and kangaroos bound through that grass and tiny wrens twitter to us from the dark green scrub.

My pink flowery beauty therapy is working it's magic and with fresh eyes, I know I'm lucky to be calling this home.

Y Cate


  1. Beautiful post! And I LOVE that photo of the daisies! I want that jug! :)

    1. Thank you Raewyn - you are always so generous with your encouragement. xx