Thursday, 7 June 2012

blissfully blue

My pretty blue finds from today.

Feeling a little blue this morning and just impressed that I'd managed some essential grocery shopping and lugged it inside -such an effort! I was sitting at home and feeling so uninspired. Entirely lacking sparkle I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to create, work on or blog about.

One fabulous text later I was on my way to have coffee with a pair of lovely women. Thank you friends you made my day!

We met for coffee in a lovely spot and explored the nearby shops. 

I love my new linen and blue-dyed lace pincushion. Found here.

My blue pearl beads and stamp are destined for some future creative beauty therapy. I am thinking a looong necklace with an embroidered blue felt pendant. 
And the stamp... well I couldn't leave it behind.

I have made some significant progress on my cowl since posting about it here. Loving sitting in the evenings and click-clacking away, so beautifully therapeutic.

My blues beaten by time spent with friends, a little beauty therapy. The creative inspired sparkle has returned.

Y Cate 


  1. LOVE your new pincushion. And what a coincidence, I also met with 2 lovely friends for coffee yesterday! :)