Thursday, 22 March 2012

the 10th word is TRANQUILITY

Over 35,000 people voted in a survey asking for the most beautiful words in the English language. The top 10 results were:

1.     Mother
2.     Passion
3.     Smile
4.     Love
5.     Eternity
6.     Fantastic
7.     Destiny
8.     Freedom
9.     Liberty
10.   Tranquillity

I am in a little need of that now.....And always engaging in a little beauty therapy helps.
Beautiful jewellery making therapy.

Music notes printed on fabric, framed in brass filigree. Hand cut faceted wooden beads, amber Czech crystal beads tied with a chocolate spotted black bow. Lovely, tranquil, gorgeous.
For sale on my facebook page:

Y Cate 

p.s. I do love to use a little bit of graphic fairy's magic, today it was my frame around the word: tranquillity. 
Karen is so generous with her creativity. Visit her here:

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