Saturday, 24 March 2012

PERSPECTIVE per·spec·tive (p r-sp k t v). n.

Oh have been so caught up the the negative drama of my life this week and starting work somewhere new and the to-and-froing  and Mummying and squeezing in of a little creating .... and somewhere in there I think I lost a little perspective. 

So when we lost power yesterday afternoon just as I'd started to make dinner I thought the world had ended. Hadn't though, and when my husband came home he found his happy little family out the back playing tennis and jumping on the trampoline: Living our lives with NO oven, facebook, x-box or TV. Amazing!

After takeaway dinner we all came home to a power-less pitch black neighbourhood and a recorded message from our energy provider telling us power would not be restored until much later that night. World still hadn't ended. The five of us lay on our trampoline in the back yard, snuggled under quilts, watching the stars. Ah peaceful tranquillity........

After a week of rain we welcomed skies that looked like this, this morning...

My house is still messy, my life still a little chaotic. I need to go and vote as it's election day but I still have a little snippet of perspective left over from yesterday and life feels pretty do-able! 

Going to get things a little more ship-shape on the home front here and then might have a go at this scrumptious looking cake shared by the constant-provider-of-fresh-perspective Lucy from Attic 24.

Y Cate 

NIght sky photo:  <a href=''>123RF Stock Photo</a>
Blue sky photo:  Copyright (c) <a href=''>123RF Stock Photos</a>

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