Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Metaphorically and Physically Exquisite

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A gifted artistic friend of mine, once had a piece of her work described as : 'metaphorically and physically exquisite'.
That is also how I describe her.......

Amidst a day of the sky falling in and my world crashing to a halt, I have been gifted with the kindness, wisdom and loyalty of friends.
Before I even knew the 'bad stuff' was about to begin,  I was fortified with a quick visit to a friend down the road. A squeeze of her cherubic baby daughter,  a loan of a lurvely pattern book, a quick squizz at a newly found fab blog, a lesson on pumping up car tyres: and I was on my way. 

Then the 'bad stuff' happened and an answered text from an alerted friend combined with a 6 minute power debrief on the front verandah of another friend (we both had places to be!) kept me going. I held it together through afternoon homework, cooking the dinner, putting together a lego set with Little Bear, chivvying little ones through evening routine, reading stories and finally tucking them into bed. Phew! 

Now I could deal with the feelings that made me want to rage like a lunatic or collapse in a weeping heap. {Yes I live my melodramas in a way that would make any one of the Brontë sisters proud!}

Remember that first friend I told you about? The metaphorically, physically exquisite one? She then entered centre stage and threw me a solid 90-minute-of-texting life line. She lives on a another planet to me. One on which pragmatism reigns equally with compassion and madcap ideas, like: all this bad stuff is really a huge compliment to me because the offending party is threatened by my natural, in-built flowing power. Truly! What's not to adore about a friend who'll think that about you?!! 

I know my story won't end here. But I have loyal friends that will see me through it. My husband arrives home tomorrow night too - that's going to help!

The bygone language of flowers depicted pink geraniums as symbols of true friendship. I find them simple and exquisite. That's how I find my friends too, ahem, sans the simple part of course! My life's feeling pretty metaphorically exquisite right at this moment too...... thank you. xx

Y Cate


  1. Glad you liked that little tyre pumping lesson. Hehe. Love your visits!
    It's so great to have such cherished friends. You are most definitely one of mine!

  2. Oh lovely woman, thank you. Cate x