Sunday, 11 March 2012

Everything is possible!

International Women's Day was this week and I celebrated in style! 
For my daughter and I - it's been IWD all week.
Little Blossom was able to workshop with her new favourite author: Susannah McFarlane.
Little Blossom is reading devouring Susannah's EJ12 series about a young girl called Emma.

Emma Jacks may not always believe in herself, but the SHINE agency does and sends her all over the world to foil the evil plans of SHADOW. The girls often don’t notice but in the stories – brother and father excepted – there is not a single male character. Every time a scientist, a pilot, a marine biologist, a sports coach, and even a villain appears she is female, subtly underlining that girls can, and do, do anything – it’s their turn to shine!

Powerful stuff! Little Blossom also lined up for Susannah's autograph and received some amazing and personal advice that she will be able to draw upon her whole life. Thank you Susannah McFarlane.

My turn came and as a guest 'exhibitor' at the Highfields International Women's Day dinner:

My Silver Babushka and Green Wooden bead necklace

I was gifted with some insights and hard won wisdom from an incredibly generous and accomplished woman. Kaye Edwards is the owner of the  The Chocolate Cottage  one of my most favourite places to visit. She was kind enough to admire my work and shared her story (of hard work, inspiration and passion) with me. So many lessons much amazing and practical advice...I wanted to be a sponge and absorb every word. 

Inside The Chocolate Cottage

Outside The Chocolate Cottage

The greatest jewel Kaye left me with is the message to NOT undervalue myself. Value myself, my abilities, my worth, my creative ability - that is my new mantra. Thank you Kaye.

The Queensland Government theme for 2012 IWD celebrations was ‘everything is possible’. My daughter and I have ended the week believing it! She can be a successful author and I can be.... well the possibilities are endless!

Y Cate

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