Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dangerous and Cheerful

A friend of mine (from waaay out west) has been knitting since she was five. We celebrated her 80th birthday a couple of years ago. That's over 75 years of knitting experience! 

This lovely, lovely lady was very generous with her knitting expertise and shared lots of tips and kindness with me. Recently she became ill and ended up in hospital. A long way from family, friends and home, in pain and possibly feeling a little dismal. 

I knitted these jar cozies to conjure up a little cheer and gathered a posy of roses, lavender and  jonquils to accompany them. When I got to the hospital and the nurses made me dump them unceremoniously in a hazard bin: I was a little tragefied! Turns out that cut flowers can harbour bacteria that is harmful to people with a weakened immune system. Good to know.

The jars and their cozies made it in and my friend loved them. Happily she is now back home with my little jars up on her windowsill. I do Y happy endings.

Hope your day is sunshine-filled-cheerful and danger free.

Y Cate


  1. That spiral flower is so cool! Such a thoughtful thing to do!

  2. Thanks Mandy!
    The free pattern is here
    if you want it :)