Saturday, 21 April 2012

In a jar...

I've started another bucket list. This one varies enormously from the one I made in my early 20's which featured largely unrealistic and idealistic goals like: learn French, learn the double bass and play in a quartet, discover a medical miracle [yes other people may have accomplished those things..I admire them, I thank them... but my easy going nature just lacks the discipline, c’est la vie].

This new bucket list is a lot more whimsical and includes things like: get eyelash extensions and make a terrarium[and lots more deep stuff like that].

I do love terrariums and I've got my fingers crossed to win one from the ah-maze-ing Squiggly Rainbow.

You can follow the link too I suppose. You can enter too if you like but remember it will reduce my chance of winning!

Here it is again: Squiggly Rainbow giveaway. Just don't get your hopes up - it will be mine! ...or yours [sigh].

More cool stuff in a jar. I'd like to try this for Mother's Day.

Y Cate


  1. Cate....two things we have in common! The love of terrariums {especially done as mini worlds} and the lovely ingredients in a jar gifts...I have this very image! In fact, I have it!

  2. Whoops, sorry about repeating myself! Long day!