Monday, 2 April 2012

the two doctors in my life

I have lost 12 kilograms {26 pounds} since the 1st of February.
I have followed the advice of two doctors to get to this point.


The first doctor, Dr Pierre Dukan advises: 
"Using spices and herbs is highly recommended.

They bring out the flavour of foods and heighten their sensory value. 
Spices are not just taste enhancers: they are foods which encourage weight loss.

What certain spices such as vanilla or cinnamon do is offer their warm and reassuring taste in exchange for sugary flavours."

Bless his dear little quirky French heart: he has acknowledged that my food needs to be reassuring!

"Buy fresh flowers for your home and eat more broccoli."
The second doctor, Dr Andrew Weil includes an 8 week program for healing in his book, Spontaneous Healing.
The week one to-do-list (is rather longish) and includes the prescription to buy fresh flowers so that you can enjoy them and eat more broccoli.

I have been following week one for roughly 3 months now. 
Am rather afraid to move to the more imposing week two...

Hot-by-forty plan formula:
{herbs and spices} + {fresh flowers and brocolli} = 12 kilogram weight loss

Well there has been a little bit more to it than that... but following these two doctors is truly changing my life.

Y Cate

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  1. Well done Cate! You are such an inspiration, truly!