Friday, 6 April 2012

Where do Easter Eggs come from?

Easter eggs grow on trees of course!

Retiree Volker Kraft decorates a tree with 10,000 Easter eggs his garden in Saalfeld, Germany March 21, 2012. (AP)

76 year old Volker Kraft has decorated his tree with 10, 000 eggs this year! He and his family use blown eggs and decorate them by hand. They live in Saalfeld, Germany and their amazing tree attracts thousands of visitors.

I've also heard that Easter Eggs grow from seeds. Little teeny tiny round 100's and 1000's seeds.

Kids just sprinkle them on the grass the night before...then Easter morning the eggs have magically grown and are nestled in the grass ready to be found!
Wow! That should simplify things for the Easter Bunny.

Y Cate

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